Las Vegas Reverse Mortgage

Las Vegas Reverse Mortgage:  How A Reverse Mortgage Loan Could Help Protect You And Your Home In Uncertain Times Can you protect something? Maybe your home? Las Vegas Reverse Mortgage.  Do you remember in 2008 what had happened before and after the housing market bubble? The market was going up, home values were increasing, and […]

How to Throw a Memorable Retirement Party

Every day, an estimated 10,000 Americans clock out of the workforce for good. This means the chances are good that someone you know and work with will retire while you’re still employed. If so, you and your colleagues will want to plan a retirement party to give the retiree a wonderful sendoff. Party Planning Tips […]

Make New Friends and Avoid Loneliness

Did you know over one in three elderly Americans report feelings of loneliness? When you enter retirement, there are many challenges to overcome. It’s not easy to make new friends after you’ve stopped working. This is especially true if you’re recently divorced or widowed, or if you have moved house. To discover how you can […]

5 Most Underrated Places to Retire

Did you know that since January 2011, an average of 10,000 Baby Boomers turns 65 every single day? If you’re approaching that magical age, you know that means–retirement. To ensure you thoroughly enjoy your golden years, you’re likely wondering about the most affordable places to retire.

How to Find the Best Place to Retire

You’ve spent the majority of your life working hard and making a home along with your loved ones. Now, it’s time to sit back and enjoy your twilight years. With retirement comes plenty of options, and navigating through all your choices can be quite a challenge. Namely, where, exactly, should you retire and how can […]

Exercise Routine for Seniors

Research shows that older adults who exercise live an average of five years longer. Wouldn’t you like improved balance, breathing, and strength? Today, we are going to examine four simple routines to get you moving and exercising again. Ready to learn more? Keep reading our exercise routine for seniors. A Simple and Effective Exercise Routine […]

How to Keep Your Mind Sharp As You Age

Forgetting where you left your keys is common. Even forgetting someone’s name whom you’ve only met once is nothing to worry about. But when you’re in your 60’s, these types of lapses in memory can happen more often and be alarming not only to you but to your loved ones, too. Memory loss can occur […]