Exercise Routine for Seniors

Research shows that older adults who exercise live an average of five years longer.

Wouldn’t you like improved balance, breathing, and strength? Today, we are going to examine four simple routines to get you moving and exercising again.

Ready to learn more? Keep reading our exercise routine for seniors.

A Simple and Effective Exercise Routine for Seniors

There are various types of exercises one can put in place in their day-to-day life. There’s no doubt you’ll notice positive changes in the days that follow after trying out these four techniques.

If you’re able to improve your health, you may be able to explore and travel like you’ve always dreamed of!

Single Limb Stance

Having great balance is essential for everyone but particularly for seniors. If you don’t have steadiness, you’re more at risk to fall and hurt yourself. We will start with an exercise that allows you to practice balancing.

To begin, stand behind a solid wooden chair. Make sure you don’t choose one with wheels! Grip the back of the chair and lift your right foot. Balance on your left foot.

Maintain this position for a minute and then switch to your other foot.

Set a goal to stand on one foot without holding onto the chair. Try and hold this position for a full minute.

Walking Heel-to-Toe

You may think that walking isn’t all that helpful. But, walking improves your balance while strengthening your legs.

Walking heel-to-toe is a crucial technique to perfect. Position your left foot in front of your right foot. Make sure the heel of your left foot is touching the top of the toes of your right foot.

Position your right foot in front of your left, placing the weight on your heel. Then shift your weight to your toes. Repeat this step with your left foot.

Try and walk this way for at least 20 steps.

Rock the Boat

Standing with your feet apart, make sure the space between is the same width as your hips. Keep both feet pressed into the ground and stand straight with your head level.

Next, transfer your weight onto your right foot. Lift your left leg in the air. Hold this position for 30 seconds.

Drop your foot back on the ground and then shift your weight to that foot. Lift your opposite leg. Do this exercise for balance, five times per side.

Once you’ve gotten used to it, you can work your way up to more repetitions!

Clock Reach

Like the single limb stance, you will need a chair. Pretend that you’re standing in the middle of a clock. Twelve is in front of you and six is behind you. Make sure to hold the chair with your right hand.

Extend your left arm towards number 12 and lift your left leg. Then, point your arm towards three, and finally, point it to six. Move your arm back to three and then to 12.

Try and look forward the entire time. Your goal is to repeat this exercise twice on each side.

These four simple but effective exercises will improve your balance and mobility.

Have a Healthy Retirement

We hope you feel encouraged with this exercise routine for seniors. These four techniques will increase your balance and strength. Even your energy levels will rise.

Want to learn more about living well? Check out our blog post on ways to keep busy in your retirement! Contact us today!

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