Increase your cash flow with a reverse mortgage loan


Payout Options

Lump Sum

Works well for immediate needs, such as paying off debts or making home improvements.

Monthly Cash Flow Payments

For borrowers who prefer to receive payments each month for the life of the loan or for a fixed period of time.

Line of Credit

Can help borrowers grow their proceeds with its growth rate feature.


Reverse mortgage offers a great deal of options; a combination of any of the other options is available.

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Rick Rodriguez

Our Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional®

Nationally recognized Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional® Rick R. Rodriguez has been specializing in reverse mortgages since 2005. He is the first CRMP® of Southern Nevada, and he has helped thousands of people better understand how to best use a reverse mortgage. Rick is accredited by the state of Nevada to teach a continuing education course to real estate agents on effectively using the reverse mortgage in real estate. The reverse mortgage division of Fairway Mortgage in Las Vegas is managed by Rick and his staff.

They are committed to educating and raising awareness on the ins and outs of reverse mortgages in the Greater Las Vegas community and in other areas throughout the country.

Whether looking to buy a new home or pay off an existing mortgage, or just looking to educate yourself, your family members, or your clients, you can count on their knowledge.


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Reverse Mortage

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